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the Unknown

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Companion, therapist, survivor


Morris dancing
Naturism (unashamed exhibitionism I'm afraid)
Historical re-enactment/metal detecting
Dressing up
Being a life drawing model


In spite of being given the most obvious of names, Pooh is very much a survivor. He is a grand age of 56 and 1/12th, strangely the same age as his animator companion.

He has suffered the indignities of home surgery, nighttime dribbling, and some rather alarming outfits. These have since withered away and Pooh now likes to face the world naked – much as his companion faces the world.

Yes, his nose is squashed from much hugging but his ears are still alert from years of constant listening to the rambles of his eccentric companion. He is a much travelled bear and has appeared in a book written by his companion.

He is unswervingly loyal, placid, and has outlived many felines that have try to usurp his place in the affections of his companions. Sometimes that has led to a crowded bed at night, but Pooh is still there.

He is no stranger to the world of entertainment and film and many celebrities have been granted an audience. His companion works in films, and Pooh is the first to listen to any scripts and ideas, nodding sagely in approval or simply falling over in shock.

He has infinite taste of all things cultural. He shows no sign of lack of energy – a little baldness can be expected, but oh what spirit, what friendship, what wisdom.

His companion would be totally lost without him. Who would he have to talk to to make sense of the world?

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