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Retired confidant


Secretly listening to other people's conversations
People watching (I'm very nosy!)


Julia was so excited when she saw the picture of Alan Measles that she abandoned her toast and Marmite and quickly fetched me to have a look. “Hey” I thought, “perhaps I’ve found a relative!”

I’ve never seen a bear that looks anything like me before and I’ve always felt a bit sad not to have any brothers or sisters. But Alan Measles and I look so alike that we could be brothers. I would love to be his stunt double in the teddy shrine.

I’ll tell you about myself and why I would be a great stunt double. My name is Pinny and I'm 46 years old. I belong to Julia (a psychologist!) who has looked after me very carefully all my life. I don’t know why I’m called Pinny – I think that’s just the sort of name little children give their teddies.

I’m definitely a boy, although I don’t wear any clothes. My fur has worn away, there’s a big hole in my arm which makes it all dangly, but my eyes are still very bright and shiny – just like Alan’s.

I would fit perfectly in the teddy shrine. I promise I would be on my best behaviour and sit very still (I’m good at that!) I would listen carefully to all the visitors talking and not be rude to anyone. I wouldn't even stick my tongue out if someone else was rude about his lovely motorbike. I think I could do a really good job and Alan Measles would be very proud of me. Paws crossed!

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