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John Duggan

Job title

Depressed House Bear


Drinking pina coladas and getting caught in the rain
Dressing up


John Duggan was born in 1970 in Liverpool (a gift from Aunty Betty when I was born). He was my first love and the first man I ever shared my bed with. He was a welcome bit of security in a poverty stricken and turbulent childhood.

In his youth John shared many adventures with Blue Ted, Yellow Ted, Brown Ted, Perkins, Penguin and the Wombles (made from toilet rolls and bought from a jumble sale) and myself. Sadly, at some point in the early 80s, there was a massive cull when my mum thought me and my sister wouldn`t notice if the majority of these much loved teddies would be left out for the bin men. Years of heartbreak followed.

John was one of the lucky few but not a day goes by when he doesn`t think about his much loved friends who didn`t survive that terrible genocide. He is one life`s survivors.

John even visited Sydney, Australia in the late 1980s but that`s another long story he`d prefer to tell Alan Measles in person. By the mid-90s John was literally falling apart at the seams. A talented female friend, who designed clothing for clubbers, took him under her wing and gave him a complete makeover. John couldn`t have been more thrilled with his new blue pvc outfit and hasn`t taken it off since.

John was given a whole new lease of life and became the life and soul of the party. During those hedonistic times he witnessed the highs and lows of club life, he even witnessed a fist fight between two feuding transvestites in his own home. John is not easily shocked.

Tragically, in recent years John has lost the sight in one eye but is hoping to have an operation at some point in the future. These days he spends the majority of his time sleeping in the spare room. Sometimes I worry he may be a little lonely and depressed.  

I think after 41 years of loyal companionship he deserves his fifteen minutes of fame and a final adventure. John has always been a lovely and open minded teddy bear. Never one to judge. I know he would be absolutely thrilled to meet Grayson and Alan.

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