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Stuntbear finalists


Fag Burn Blue

Job title

Protector of his Master Billywinkle


Guardian of the weak and feeble at night
Backpacking whilst sitting on top of the pack
Dressing up


Fag Burn Blue is 40 years old and is from England's Hygienic Toys of Gwentoys Limited. He was given his nickname at the time of his new Master's birth 39 years ago, when a grandfather gave him a cigarette burn on the back of his right leg whilst in his Master's cot (hopefully by accident).

Blue is a very brave bear and has protected his Master throughout his whole childhood, long into his adolescence and still to this day in his adulthood.

Blue has bravely travelled all round Europe, across North Africa and around Peru with his Master Billywinkle. He has often got rather dirty on his adventures but has always been carefully cleaned in order to live up to his Hygienic Toys heritage.

Blue likes to dress up for fun (particularly as a tin foil covered Space Bear) and sometimes for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween. He has been known to perform on stage and has starred in a few Super 8 home movies over the years.

However, it is blatantly obvious that Blue likes nothing more than to laze about staring blankly (probably in disdain) at passers-by from a bed/sofa/seat/throne and thus (in his Master's opinion) is a perfect stunt double for Alan Measles.

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