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Stuntbear finalists


Dr Schmoo

Job title

Consultant Vertebrate Paleontologist to the Ancient Human Occupation of Britain Project


Dirty limericks
Historical re-enactment/metal detecting
Brain surgery
Dressing up


Dr. Schmoo is an eccentric old devil, rather like his guardian, but like all great bears feels it's high time his work was recognised. After a lifetime among the old bones and academic papers on his guardian's desk and acting as confidant to the frankly, unhinged, he wants just a bit of the old razzamatazz.

Schmoo was resurrected from spare parts in a toy box in Luton sometime in the early 1950s and never lets anyone forget what can be achieved from humble, if slightly Frankensteinian, beginnings.

Despite his small stature and somewhat disorderly appearance, Schmoo is an unpolished gem of a bear who will revel in his new surroundings as Alan Measles' stunt double – and doubtless dine-out on it for ever... Please don't be put off by his mad, staring, beady eyes and occasional tics; he promises not to frighten the children, and requires no payment, only the occasional single malt.

P.S. He asks if having a collection of contemporary ceramics counts for or against him?

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