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Exhibition catalogue

Exhibition catalogue, £45

Edited by John H. Taylor
A magnificently illustrated book exploring the perilous journey that the ancient Egyptian's believed lay between death and the perfect afterlife.

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Spells for Eternity

Spells for Eternity £9.99

By John H. Taylor

Egyptian Mummies

Egyptian Mummies

By John H. Taylor

Available online soon.

Who were the pharaohs?

Who were the pharaohs? £7.99

By Stephen Quirke

Available online soon.

Books for children

The Complete Book of the Dead of Hunefer

The Complete Book of the Dead of Hunefer£3.99

By Richard Parkinson
A pullout guide for children featuring the whole papyrus.

Hunefer and his Book of the Dead

Hunefer and his
Book of the Dead

By Richard Parkinson
A short, illustrated introduction to Egyptian mummies.

Ancient Egypt sticker book

Ancient Egypt sticker book £16.99

Features six ‘galleries’ 
with peelable stickers of Egyptian objects which can be used again and again.

Draw like an Egyptian

Draw like an Egyptian£5.99

By Claire Thorne
Children can learn to draw people and animals in the style of ancient Egyptian art.


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