Follow the ancient Egyptians’ journey from
death to the afterlife in this once-in-a-lifetime
exhibition focusing on the Book of the Dead.

Scene from the Book of the Dead of Hunefer. Egypt, c. 1280 BC

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Should you die and find yourself in the ancient Egyptian netherworld, this app will help you negotiate the many dangers that await you as you try to attain eternal life. Now with extra content added.
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Can you piece together these three fragments of papyrus from Hunefer's Book of the Dead?

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A bit of afterlife admin?

Find out the questions the curators are still asking about
books of the dead.

What is a Book of the Dead?

John Taylor, Exhibition Curator, introduces the special
documents of the Egyptian afterlife.

Events programme

A varied programme of events exploring ancient
Egyptian life and death.

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Press Office on 020 7323 8583 / 8394

Loan objects
The objects borrowed for the exhibition Journey through the afterlife: ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead (4 November 2010 – 6 March 2011) will be recommended for protection under Part 6 of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 (protection of cultural objects on loan).
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Gilded cartonnage mummy mask

Image: Gilded cartonnage mummy mask

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