Australia LandscapeKew at the
British Museum

21 April – 16 October 2011

Museum forecourt

Part of the Australian season

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An introduction to the Australia Landscape.

Watch a timelapse video recording the creation of the landscape over the course of three weeks in March and April 2011.

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The landscape starts to take shape

Steve Ruddy and Richard Wilford – 19 April 2011
As the plants start to form a framework, the rockwork nears completion. Read more

Creating pathways and our
first delivery

Steve Ruddy and Richard Wilford – 7 April 2011
How the team prepared the landscape pathways before the first of the deliveries arrived. Read more

Building of the landscape starts

Steve Ruddy and Richard Wilford – 30 March 2011
Steve and Richard begin the build by plotting out the layout of the Landscape. Read more

Finding plants for the landscape

Steve Ruddy and Richard Wilford – 24 March 2011
Richard and Steve travel far and wide to find the star plants to feature in the landscape. Read more

Inspiration from granite outcrops

Steve Ruddy – 21 March 2011
A visit to the granite outcrops near Perth in Western Australia to draw inspiration for this year's landscape. Read more

Researching the landscape

Steve Ruddy – 18 March 2011
Kew's Steve Ruddy travels down under to research plants that will feature in the landscape. Read more


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