Myth and reality

13 November 2008 – 15 March 2009

Discover the greatest city of
ancient Iraq through archaeology, history and art

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Babylon: Myth and Reality

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For two thousand years the myth of Babylon has haunted the European imagination. The Tower of Babel and the Hanging Gardens, Belshazzar’s Feast and the Fall of Babylon have inspired artists, writers, poets, philosophers and film makers.

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Map of the World      

Map of the World

A unique ancient map of the Mesopotamian world.

Cyrus Cylinder      

Cyrus Cylinder

Sometimes described as the 'first charter of human rights'.

Stela of Nabonidus

Stela of Nabonidus

Nabonidus, the last king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire.

Celestial globe         

Celestial globe

A three-dimensional map of the stars, used since classical times.

Videos about Babylon

Towers of Babel

The Babylonian Mind

Trace the legacy of Babylonian discoveries and ideas, including their mathematical system based on 60 and their desire to predict the future.

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Supported by the Blavatnik Family Foundation

Exhibition organised by the British Museum,
the musée du Louvre and the Réunion des musées
nationaux, and the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.

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