The Hand of Angelos: An icon-painter in Venetian Crete

Benaki Museum, Athens ›
16 November 2010–16 January 2011

The exhibition presents the work of a renowned 15th-century painter, Angelos Akotantos, who lived in Venetian-held Crete

The artist was a prominent member of society during his life and a significant number of icons bearing the signature The Hand of Angelos has been preserved, along with his hand-written will, which brings into focus his personality.

Seeking the context for Angelos the painter, insight is provided about the art of Constantinople circa 1400, through icons and illustrated manuscripts; and the movements of painters from the capital of the Byzantine Empire to Crete, in search of safer conditions for their artistic endeavours.

Image: Fifteenth century painting of St Jerome extracting a thorn from a lion's foot. Painted in egg tempera, with gilding, on cyprus wood prepared with gesso.

Painting of St Jerome