Egyptian Magic

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden ›
2 October – 23 January 2011

The Egyptians saw magic as a perfectly ordinary part of life, a view closely interwoven with their religion.

They believed that anything could be influenced by using magic, and tried to gain the gods' favour in all kinds of ways. Their aim was to guide the mundane events of everyday life to their advantage. Magic made itself felt in every part of Egypt and at every hour of the day.

The objects in the exhibition come from collections at home and abroad including the British Museum, Louvre, and Allard Pierson Museum.

Amulets,scarabs, magical images and writing, magic knives or wands, pictures of deities and enchantments on papyrus will all be displayed to highlight this aspect of ancient Egyptian culture.

Image: Limestone stela of Aaphty: depicting the god Seth who stands on the left, being worshipped by the deputy of the gang, Aaphty, who is standing on the right with his arms raised.

Limestone stela of Aaphty