Previews in the press

Moctezuma: Aztec ruler
Laura Cumming

Aztec man-god, Moctezuma
The Times
Nancy Durrant

Aztec artefacts: The art of sacrifice
Tom Lubbock

Moctezuma’s revenge? Tragic Aztec rules again at British Museum
The Times
Rachel Campbell-Johnston, Chief Arts Critic

Moctezuma II: Emperor of doom
Evening Standard
Tom Holland

A preview of Moctezuma: Aztec Ruler
Jonathan Jones

Just launched - Moctezuma microsite on Times Online
A collection of articles about Moctezuma and related archeological discoveries in Mexico

What to see this summer

Murder most foul: British Museum unmasks who really killed Aztec leader
Maev Kennedy

Behind the mask of last emperor of the Aztecs
Evening Standard
Louise Jury, Chief Arts Correspondent

Montezuma finally gets his revenge
The Times
Ben Hoyle

Moctezuma, last Aztec ruler 'was no traitor'
Daily Telegraph
Stephen Adams, Arts Correspondent

Show depicts a different side to Aztec ruler
Financial Times
Peter Aspden

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Images: Turquoise mosaic mask, c. 1500–1521, Mexica/Mixtec.
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Turquoise Aztec mask