Films and documentaries

A season of contemporary films and documentaries providing
an insight into Mexico and the exhibition Moctezuma: Aztec Ruler.

Evening films
£3, concessions £2

Erendira Ikikunari
Friday 9 October, 18.30
The legend of a young woman who makes war against the Spanish conquistadores.

Amores Perros
Friday 23 October, 18.30
An edgy, brutal film set in Mexico City.

Day of the Dead double bill
Friday 30 October, 18.30
A documentary and a short film inspired by Day of the Dead.

Y Tu Mama Tambien
Friday 13 November, 18.30
Two teenage boys and an older woman take off to find the perfect beach.

In the Pit
Friday 27 November, 18.30
Documentary about Mexico City workers building the ‘El Segundo Piso’ elevated freeway.

Duck Season
Friday 4 December, 18.30
Two boys settle down with junk food, porn and video games but are interrupted by a pizza delivery man and their 16-year-old neighbour.

Lunchtime documentaries
Admission free, booking advised

Moors and Christians
Thursday 1 October, 13.00
A look at the annual festival commemorating the moriscos (converts to Christianity) who were brought to Mexico by the conquistadores.
In association with the Royal Anthropological Society (RAI)

Unknown Tribes of Mexico
Thursday 5 November, 13.30
Films of indigenous tribes made under the sponsorship of wealthy industrialist Harry Wright.
In association with the RAI

Film double bill
Thursday 26 November, 13.30
Two documentaries introduced by the director Rebecca Savage.
In association with the RAI

British Museum documentary: Moctezuma
Narrated by the Museum’s Director, Neil MacGregor
Friday 9 October, 13.15
Thursday 15 October, 13.15
Friday 30 October, 13.15
Saturday 14 November, 13.15
Saturday 28 November, 13.15
Friday 11 December, 13.30
Friday 15 January, 13.30

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Images: Turquoise mosaic mask, c. 1500–1521, Mexica/Mixtec.
© The Trustees of the British Museum

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Turquoise Aztec mask