Living with gods
peoples, places
and worlds beyond

2 November 2017 – 8 April 2018

Supported by

With grateful thanks to
John Studzinski CBE

Accompanies a series on
BBC Radio 4 with Neil MacGregor

Exhibition supporters

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With grateful thanks to
John Studzinski CBE

The Genesis Foundation is proud to support the British Museum’s Living with gods: people, places and worlds beyond.

‘The Genesis Foundation works with the UK’s leading arts organisations on programmes that support directors, playwrights, actors and musicians in the early stages of their professional careers. The theme of art and faith increasingly characterises aspects of the Foundation’s work. Faith is an integral part of my life, which means that I am conscious of the divine in all sorts of circumstances, in sacred and secular spaces, in nature and in man-made objects. As soon as we began to discuss this exhibition, I was compelled by the idea of uniting in one place objects that explore religions across the world and throughout history. I am looking forward to witnessing people’s responses, both spiritual and emotional, as they make a connection to the divine at the British Museum. When we share an experience of this kind, we remember that we are more united than we often acknowledge, and I hope that this exhibition will remind us of that.’
John Studzinski CBE, Founder & Chairman of the Genesis Foundation

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