26 January – 15 April 2012

Exhibition closed

In partnership with

King Abdulaziz Public Library Riyadh, Saudia Arabia

King Abdulaziz Public Library
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

HSBC Amanah has supported the exhibition's international reach outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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King Abdulaziz Public Library, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The King Abdulaziz Public Library is pleased to be coordinating the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s participation in this unique exhibition about the Hajj at the British Museum.

Saudi Arabia takes its responsibility towards the ten million Muslims who perform the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages annually with the utmost seriousness and care. Pilgrims come from every corner of our world and the three million on Hajj represent the greatest peaceful gathering on earth. Makkah Almukarrama-Saudi Arabia is the cradle of Islam, and the qiblah of more than 1.6 billion Muslims who turn to it five times daily during prayer. The Kingdom aims to offer pilgrims the highest quality of hospitality and continues to develop the holy places of Makkah and Medinah in order to improve services for these guests of God. Saudi Arabia believes service to pilgrims is an honour, a trust, and a responsibility.

We hope that this exhibition will be a source of inspiration and enlightenment for all who visit it.

Faisal bin Muammar, General Supervisor King Abdulaziz Public Library, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


HSBC Amanah

HSBC Amanah’s support of the British Museum reflects HSBC’s commitment to Cultural Exchange, which encourages and promotes the understanding of different cultures across the world.

HSBC Amanah is very pleased to assist with this exhibition. Hajj is a momentous event in the lives of Muslims, a pilgrimage many undertake from all corners of the globe. We hope that everyone who experiences this exhibition will leave with a greater understanding of the history, power and importance of the journey, and of the people who make it.

Mukhtar Hussain, Global CEO HSBC Amanah & CEO HSBC Malaysia


Arts & Humanities Research Council

The research leading to this exhibition has been supported by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council enabling new research on the history and contemporary importance of Hajj to be conducted, as well as ensuring that research reaches wider audiences.

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