School digital session
Roman Britain treasure challenge

Thursday 27 February 2014,
10.30–12.00 & 12.30–14.00
Video conference
Free, booking essential

Phone +44 (0)20 7323 8181
Ticket Desk in Great Court

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For Key Stage 2 students

Connect to the Museum from your classroom to solve exciting challenges about archaeological treasure finds from Roman Britain.

Students work through the real challenges faced by professional archaeologists, scientists and museum staff. They learn about public archaeology and how the Treasure Act works.

Timings may be flexible and can be adjusted to your school timetable. Please leave contact details when booking to make arrangements for this.

To book, your school must have prior experience with video conferencing on the Janet network and you must provide contact details for a technical liaison at school.

Cancellation and no-show charges apply.See full terms and conditions

Maximum group size: 30

Age: Key Stage 2 – Years 5 & 6

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