Nubia in the New Kingdom: the Egyptians at Kurgus
The 2013 Raymond and Beverly Sackler Distinguished Lecture in Egyptology

Thursday 11 July 2013,

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A lecture from Vivian Davies (Former Keeper of the Department of Ancient Egypt & Sudan, British Museum) on Nubia in the New Kingdom: the Egyptians at Kurgus.

During the New Kingdom, Egyptian military expeditions penetrated deep into Kush (Upper Nubia), as far upstream as the site of Kurgus on the Abu Hamed reach of the Nile. Here, on a conspicuous local landmark known today as the Hagr el-Merwa, ‘rock of quartz’, they left their mark in the form of large royal tableaux and numerous other inscriptions.

The lecture presents the results of a project of survey and epigraphic recording at the site, the latest season of which occurred in November 2012. It places the material in its wider contemporary context and considers when and how the Egyptians made their way to this remote spot, the composition of their teams, and the purpose of their visits.

The lecture will be followed by a reception.

Part of the Annual Egyptological Colloquium


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The Hagr el-Merwa at Kurgus, location of royal and private 18th dynasty inscriptions.