Members' lecture
Live screening – The Holy Roman Empire: what it was and why it mattered - SOLD OUT

Monday 15 May 2017,
Stevenson Lecture Theatre
Tickets £8
Members £8


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Live screening of an exclusive lecture for Members.

Sprawling across much of Europe for over a thousand years, the Holy Roman Empire was one of the continent’s largest and oldest states, yet it has often been dismissed as an irrelevance.

Peter H Wilson, Professor of the History of War at the University of Oxford, and author of The Holy Roman Empire: A Thousand Years of Europe's History, explains what the Empire was and why it mattered by exploring what it symbolised, what lands and peoples belonged to it, how it was governed, and how it interacted with its inhabitants.

Includes a complimentary drink.

Please note that this is a live relay of the lecture that will be taking place in the BP Lecture Theatre next door.

Age: 16+

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Peter Wilson