Ming Beijing

Friday 24 October 2014,

Tickets £5
Members £3

Phone +44 (0)20 7323 8181
Ticket Desk in Great Court

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Susan Naquin, Professor Emeritus of History and East Asian Studies at Princeton University and author of Peking: Temples and City Life, 1400–1900, asks if any traces of Ming dynasty Beijing can be seen in today’s huge modern city. This lecture will explore China’s capital in search of those objects, buildings and sites that survive and can be seen by the intrepid, casual or armchair traveller.

Professor Susan Naquin works on the social and cultural history of early modern and modern China (1600–1900). She has written about millenarian peasant uprisings, families and rituals, pilgrimages, temples, and the history of Beijing. Her current research interests include the material culture of China in the Ming and Qing periods, and the related topics of museums and collecting.

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