Behind the headlines
A revolution in Syrian art

Friday 20 June 2014,

Tickets £5
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Ticket Desk in Great Court

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Behind the headlines is a series of events at the Museum exploring the cultural context behind news stories from across the world, looking closely at objects from the Museum’s collection.

Before 2011, the Syrian art scene was limited by the number of galleries and spaces for showing work, and the government control of cultural institutions. Since the uprising, an outpouring of creative expression from artists across all levels of Syrian society has formed a response to the violence. This panel discussion, chaired by Malu Halasa, co-editor of Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline, and including panellists Issam Kourbaj, Zaher Omareen, Khalil Younes and Venetia Porter, will consider the pre-revolution period through looking at British Museum objects, the change that revolution has bought to the country’s artists, and the new possibilities that lie ahead.

Please note: tickets are no longer available online for this event. Please visit the Ticket Desk in the Great Court at the British Museum in advance of the event to purchase tickets.

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Youssef Abdelke (b.1951), Figures (No.2). Pastels and collage on paper, 1991 - 1993