Easter activity
Mammoths, reindeer and lions: Ice Age animals

Monday 8 April 2013,
Tuesday 9 April 2013,
Wednesday 10 April 2013,
Thursday 11 April 2013,
Friday 12 April 2013,
Great Court
Free, just drop in

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Come to the Museum for a week of activities exploring Ice Age art.

Find out about the techniques used by early artists to create colourful wall images and exquisite hand-held sculptures. You can also watch modern artists at work and have a go at a bit of Ice Age art yourself.

Suitable for all ages.

Ice Age art (Mon-Fri)

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Spear thrower made from reindeer antler, sculpted as a mammoth. Found in the rock shelter of Montastruc, France, c. 13,000–14,000 years old.