The displaced local: multiple agency in the building of ethnographic collections

Friday 8 November 2013,

Free, booking essential

Booking via email to Amanda Vinson admin@therai.org.uk

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A joint British Museum/Royal Anthropological Institute lecture given by the visiting 2013 RAI Huxley Memorial Lecturer, Howard Morphy, Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Research School of Humanities, Australian National University.

The lecture will focus on the motivations of Yolngu, Aboriginal Australians from Northern Australia, in collaborating with researchers and others in building collections over the past 75 years. This perspective from active engagement in the present provides a very different light on the past than one that subordinates the development of collections to the enterprise of a 'colonial science'.

Information and booking: admin@therai.org.uk

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Prof Howard Morphy delivering the Huxley Lecture in August 2013.