South Africa Landscape

Kew at the British Museum

Admission free  |  West lawn, Museum forecourt

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A sensory walk through the landscape

Jane Samuels - 4 October 2010

A multi-sensory tour of South Africa Landscape for visually impaired visitors.

Music workshop

Story-telling and jamming in the Landscape

Chris Spring - 7 September 2010

Music, percussion and tales told in many languages at the South Africa Landscape.

Quiver tree

I'll meet you under the quiver tree

Chris Spring – 19 July 2010

Find out what happened when curator Chris Spring met South African artist Sabela Malanghu.

Lunchtime talk in the landscape

Caroline Cartwright – 16 June 2010

Painting a picture of life 60,000 years ago.

Protecting the plants

Our landscape is coming together

Steve Ruddy – 21 April 2010

Get a sneak preview of the plants in place and find out why our plants were covered with a fleece membrane.

Packing up Quiver tree

Our plants from South Africa are still at sea

Steve Ruddy – 23 March 2010

The ship carrying the plants for Kew's South Africa Landscape at the British Museum is getting closer to the UK. All hands are on deck in preparation for their safe arrival. But will the weather be kind?

Protecting the plants

From South Africa to the UK

Steve Ruddy – 5 March 2010

Steve posts about shipping plants from South Africa to the UK and his anxiety for their safe arrival.

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