Gallery closures

Please note that galleries may occasionally have to close at short notice.

Temporary gallery closures

Assyria: Lion hunts (Room 10a)
Assyria: Siege of Lachish (Room 10b)
Assyria: Khorsabad (Room 10c)
Closed from 16 July – 3 August

Europe 1400 – 1800 (Room 46)
Closed from 19 July - 10 September 2018

Galleries with limited opening

Greece: Bassai sculptures (Room 16)
Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 10.00–11.00 and 15.00–17.30


Greece: Athens (Room 19)

Greeks and Lycians 400–325 BC (Room 20)

Greek vases (Room 20a)

Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 10.00–17.30


Long-term gallery closures

Greece: Cycladic islands (Room 11)
Closed until further notice

Islamic world (Room 34)
Now closed. The new Albukhary Foundation Galleries of the Islamic world (Rooms 42–43) will open in October 2018

Greek and Roman architecture (Room 77)

Classical inscriptions (Room 78)

Closed until further notice


Prints and Drawings (Room 90)
Closed until late 2018. Please note that Room 90a remains open

Admonitions Scroll (Room 91a)
Closed until Summer 2019

Japan (Room 92–94)
Closed until late September 2018