The Citi Money

Room 68

From prehistory
to the present day

The history of money can be traced back over 4,000 years. During this time, currency has taken many different forms, from coins to banknotes, shells to mobile phones.

This gallery displays the history of money around the world. From the earliest evidence, to the latest developments in digital technology, money has been an important part of human societies. Looking at the history of money gives us a way to understand the history of the world.

Education programme

The Citi Money Gallery runs a range of educational programmes for school groups from KS2 through to KS5.

Chinese Ming banknote

Chinese Ming banknote
China, AD 1375.


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Stories of Money

Stories of money

Discover the ideas and objects explored in this gallery 

From the earliest objects used for exchange, to the technology changing the way we spend

Temporary display

Julian bull coin now on display

This coin of the Roman Emperor Julian is the first of its type to be found in Britain. Unearthed by detectorist Simon Hall, the coin shows the pagan symbol of a bull. During his reign (AD 360-363) Julian unsuccessfully tried to revive paganism after Christianity became the state religion.

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