The Mitsubishi Corporation Japanese Galleries
Rooms 92–94

5000 BC – present

Mitsubishi Corporation’s origins lie in the Three Corporate Principles that have constituted its corporate philosophy since its foundation. Included in these principles is a commitment to promote international understanding between Japan and the wider world, and in the pursuit of this objective, the company’s activities include support of initiatives related to culture and the arts in the countries and communities in which we are based.

The company’s partnership with the Museum began in 2008 with the support of the Japanese Galleries, one of the most prestigious displays of Japanese artefacts outside Japan. During this time, we have also supported the Mitsubishi Corporation Special Projects Manager position, a curatorial post within the Japanese Section with the responsibility for delivering the Museum’s Japanese public programme and for working with external Japan related organisations.

Additional support has included the sponsorship of The power of dogū: ceramic figures from ancient Japan special exhibition in 2009 and a contribution towards the acquisition of the ‘Perry Scroll’, a beautifully preserved 15 metre hand scroll commemorating the second visit of US Commodore Matthew Perry to Japan in 1854.