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Calligraphy © Zhao Yizhou

Rock with calligraphy

The Chinese title for this landscape is 菁華苑(Jinghua Yuan), which means ‘Flourishing China Park’. It was chosen in a naming competition, with entries from London Chinese communities, and has been inscribed on a rock following Chinese tradition.

Chinese characters often have many meanings. Here the first character, meaning ‘Flourishing’, is often used to describe plants. The second character, meaning ‘China’, also means flowery and magnificent.

In classical Chinese gardens beautiful calligraphy is valued as much as the plants themselves. The written word adds a touch of poetry, essential in making a garden and the viewer’s experience of it complete.

The China Landscape naming competition has been made possible with the help and advice of Lillian Chin, Wang Tao, Wu Xun, Zhao Yizhou and Jan Stuart

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Zhao Shangsen, winner of the naming competition.Calligrapher Zhao Yizhou, who inscribed the rock, working in his studio.

Left: Zhao Shangsen, winner of the naming competition.

Right: Calligrapher Zhao Yizhou, who inscribed the rock, working in his studio.

Top left: Callligraphy © Zhao Yizhou