Hands-on behind the scenes

Taught sessions - Hands on

These sessions are in the Department of Coins and Medals and involve a special chance to peek behind closed doors and handle real objects from the collection.

By investigating different objects that have been used and accepted as money, groups will explore material and design, ideas of value, and what they can tell us about the people who made and used them.

Ancient Greece
(Key Stage 2)

Handle ancient Greek coins and find out how they were made, where they were used and who might have used them. Read ancient Greek, work out what the designs on the coins mean, what they can tell us about ancient Greece and how they compare with the coins we use today. 

Download support notes for teachers (pdf 44kb)

Roman Britain
(Key Stage 2)

How do we learn about history? In this session groups turn detective to investigate primary evidence. By handling real Roman coins which have been found in this country, pupils will learn about life in the Roman empire and the mark it has left on the coins we use today.

Download support notes for teachers (pdf 43kb)

Sessions are also available on China and Africa. Please indicate clearly which session you require when booking.

Sessions are run on Wednesday mornings.
Start time: 11.00, 12.30 or by arrangement. Sessions last for about one hour.

Maximum group size: 30
Duration: about 60 minutes
Free, booking required