slipped (Scope note)

Slipped applies to where the surface has been covered (either dipped or block covered) with a fine clay ('slip') to give it extra fineness of appearance or to change its colour, particularly if then covered with a transparent glaze and then incised (sgraffiato technique). Slip-painted is a term typically used where a coloured slip has been applied to create decoration but this term is not used for ceramics in the Greek and Roman Department, where the term 'slipped’ is used when the object is slipped but otherwise undecorated, and the term ‘painted’ is used in the sense of ‘decorated’. The term ‘slip-painted’ should be avoided in this context to avoid confusion between 'painted' and 'slipped' because what is usually referred to as ‘paint’ could be described as a ‘slip’ in terms of composition, or vice versa.