Takht-i Kuwad (Scope note)

Takht-i Kuwad (literally "throne" or "platform of Kuwad") is a large archaeological site close to the junction of the rivers Vakhsh and Pyandzh which thereafter form the river Amu dar'ya (ancient Oxus). It is situated in the Kuliab district of modern Tajikistan. The site is also known as Takht-i Kuwat, Kawat, Kuad, Kawadian or Kobadian and is generally acknowledged to be the findspot of the Oxus Treasure. It is close to but distinct from the site of Takht-i Sangin. J. Curtis, "Franks and the Oxus Treasure", pp.230-249 in M. Caygill & J. Cherry (eds), 'A.W. Franks. Nineteenth-century collecting and the British Museum', London 1997.