Antonio Caranzano (Biographical details)

Antonio Caranzano (publisher/printer; Italian; Male; 1577 - 1623; fl.)

Also known as

Caranzano, Antonio; Casanzana, Antonio; Carenzano, Antonio; Casanus, Antonius; Caranzani, Antonio


Plate printer, print dealer and publisher, from Milan. Active in Rome from 1584. He was in partnership with Panzera from at least 1577, when they were recorded as debtors of Lafreri (Masetti Zannini, 1980 and also 1981). They were established in the Borgo (Ehrle). In 1611 he had a stall in piazza Navona (Bertolotti, Artisti lombardi). In 1612 he was in dispute with Andrea Vaccari (Bertolotti, 1886)
He bought plates of Diana Mantovana. He published works by Cort. In a list of prints sent from Rome to Quatrocha in Milan in 1587 were 'mezzi fogli del Carazzane' (Masetti Zannini, 1980).


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