Gyles Godet (Biographical details)

Gyles Godet (publisher/printer; French; British; Male; c.1520 - 1571 c.)

Also known as

Godet, Gyles; Godet, Gilles


Publisher of woodcuts. Assumed to have trained in rue Montorgeuil, Paris; settled in London about 1547. Letters of denization, 1551. Brother of Stationers' Company, 1555. Prints in Stationers' Register, 1562-8. Last recorded 1568. Three woodcuts identified as his publications in P&D: an equestrian portrait of Henry VIII (O'Donoghue 42), 'A good Hows-holder', E.6-38, and an anatomical print, 1860-4-14-264.
See Tessa Watt, 'Cheap Print and Popular Piety 1550-1640', Cambridge 1991, pp.181-93. In August 1564 Godet in London drew up a contract with Germain Hoyau, François Desprez and Mathurin Nicolas in Paris: Godet was to supply them with 12 blocks from London of the 12 months, reserving for himself the right to publish them with texts in English, but allowing the others to print texts in French and any other language (see B.Jobert in 'D'Outre-Manche', Paris 1994, p.118).


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