Mme Luiz de Sousa Barbosa (Biographical details)

Mme Luiz de Sousa Barbosa (dealer/auction house; Female; 1936 - 1938; active)

Also known as

de Sousa Barbosa, Luiz; de Sousa Barbosa, Helene


Her letterhead as "Objets de Fouille de haute classe: Sumer - Chaldee - Assyrie" and correspondence from Smith to the National Art Collections Fund (q.v.) indicates that she was a dealer in Mesopotamian antiquities (ME Correspondence, November 1936, filed under N). She sold three small groups of Mesopotamian antiquities to The British Museum in 1936, 1937 and 1938. Her first name was Helene but she is also known is the records as Madame Luiz de Sousa Barbosa, after her husband.