Dr Harry Reginald Holland Hall (Biographical details)

Dr Harry Reginald Holland Hall (curator; archaeologist; British; Male; 1873 - 1930)

Also known as

Hall, Harry Reginald Holland


Joined The British Museum in 1896 and became Keeper of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities 1924-1930; son of the artist Sydney Prior Hall (q.v.). Appointed as a curator in the British Museum in 1896. Excavated in Egypt with the Egypt Exploration Society and directed excavations in southern Iraq for the British Museum, specifically at Ur (Tell el-Mukayyar), Tell al-Ubaid and Eridu (Abu Shahrain) in 1919. Served as Chairman of the Palestine Exploration Fund (q.v.) and Honorary Secretary of the Egypt Exploration Society. Elected a member of the Archaeological Institute in Berlin shortly before his sudden death.


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