Gen Sir Percy Molesworth Sykes KCIE (Biographical details)

Gen Sir Percy Molesworth Sykes KCIE (photographer; military/naval; academic/intellectual; British; Male; 1867 - 1945)

Also known as

Sykes, Percy Molesworth


Officer in the Queen's Bays. First British Consul for Kerman and Persian Baluchistan (appointed 1894), during which time he recovered a collection of Bronze Age items from a cemetery at Khinaman (1900). These and other objects were presented on several occasions to the British Museum. Brother of Ella Sykes (q.v.). He was awarded the silver medal by the Society of Arts (1897); the Back Grant (1899); Patron's Gold Medal by the Royal Geographical Society (1902). Author of: 'Ten Thousand Miles in Persia or Eight Years in Iran' (London: John Murray, 1902), 'History of Persia' (London 1921) and articles in 'The Geographical Journal' (1902) and 'The Journal of the Anthropological Institute' (1902). Also photographer, and a collection of his photographs are held in the British Museum. Correspondence from P.M. Sykes is held in the Departments of the Middle East and Prehistory & Europe (dated 14/11/12, 8/1/14, 20/5/14, 4/1/14, 24/1/14, mid-April 1914, 5/2/15, 9/2/15, mainly in connection with the Khinaman collection). Some archive relating to Sykes is held as part of the Bertram Thomas Papers in the University of Cambridge.


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