Flintshire Bank (Biographical details)

Flintshire Bank (moneyer; Welsh; 1790 - 1836)

Also known as

Flintshire Bank; Holywell Bank; North Wales Bank; Wilkinson & Co


Flintshire, Wales


Provincial bank issuing paper money and tokens. Sold to North & South Wales Bank in 1836. Oakley and Company were the bankers, and their London agents Ramsbottom & Co. An article in the 'Bath Chronicle' of 14th September 1811 states "The Holywell and Flintshire Bank has issued silver tokens of shillings and sixpences, to the standard of the dollar. The device on one side is of the County arms, and the Prince of Wales' crest, bearing the date of the 12th of August 1811 :- on the reverse 'Flintshire Bank Token' with the value."