Sir Walter Elliot KCSI, FRS, LL.D (hon.) (Biographical details)

Sir Walter Elliot KCSI, FRS, LL.D (hon.) (curator; archaeologist; official; collector; British; Male; 1803 - 1887)

Also known as

Elliot, Walter


A Scottish civil servant in India (based in Madras), archaeologist, numistmatist and collector. He excavated at Amaravati in 1845 from which excavations come the majority of the Amaravati sculptures in the Museum. Some of his excavated pieces remain to this day in the collections of the Govt. Museum at Madras (Chennai). He presented his collection of Nilgiri Hills bronze vessels to the BM in 1882 and his South Indian coins in 1886. He was also interested in the botany of southern India; some of the drawings of tubers that he commissioned from local artists are preserved in the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh - see Noltie, H. J. 'Indian Botanical Drawings 1793-1868 from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh'. Edinburgh, 1999 pp. 25-26 and 72-74. For further details of his life, see DNB.


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