Eudes, King of Western Francia (Biographical details)

Eudes, King of Western Francia (ruler; royal/imperial; French; Male; c.860 - 898)

Also known as

Eudes; Odo; Western Francia


Count of Paris from the Robertian line, and the first king of the West Franks not to be of Merovingian or Carolingian blood, he was the son of Robert the Strong count of Anjou. Marquis of Neustria upon his father's death (866), a title he lost to Hugh the Abbot at the instigation of Charles the Bald; made Count of Paris in 882/883; and successfully defended Paris against the besieging Vikings in 885-6; regained the title of Marquis of Neustria in 886; when Charles the Fat was removed he was elected King by the western Franks; however, internal opposition meant that his position was never secure, and he had to officially acknowledge Charles the Simple, son of Louis the Stammerer (q.v.), as his successor.