Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor (Biographical details)

Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor (ruler; royal/imperial; German; Male; 1678 - 1711)

Also known as

Joseph I; Josef I; Holy Roman Emperor; Romans; Hungary


Elder son of Emperor Leopold I. Crowned hereditary prince of Hungary in 1687 and King of the Romans in 1690. After he became Emperor in 1705 he continued the wars of the spanish Succession. He took sicily and the Milanese which latter province he gave to his brother the titular Charles III of Spain. The English under Malborough were his allies against the French in these wars which were still raging when he died 17 April 1711. By his wife Amelia Wilhelmine of Brunswick-Lüneburg he left two daughters, Maria Josepha (m. Frederick Augustus II of Saxony, King of Poland) and Maria Amelia (m. Charles Albert Elector of Bavaria who styled himself Charles VII of Germany).