Ms Nyukana Baker ("Daisy") (Biographical details)

Ms Nyukana Baker ("Daisy") (fibre/textile worker; Australian; Indigenous Australian; Female; 1943)

Also known as

Baker, Nyukana; Daisy


Ernabella Arts Inc., PMB Ernabella, Via Alice Springs 0872


Artist working in silks, clothing and carvings. Born on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands in the remote north-west of South Australia. She grew up on the Presbyterian Mission at Ernabella, watching women making rugs with the distinctive walka designs in the mission craft room. Ernabella Arts began in 1948.
Baker began at Ernabella Arts in 1963, making batiks in the 1970s after visiting the batik research centre in Yogjakarta, Indonesia in 1974. Her work on silk incorporates the walka motifs characteristic of the Ernabella artists. Baker has also worked in loom weaving, screen printing, ceramics, prints and basketry.
Baker was the chair of Ernabella Arts from 1989-2000. She has completed residencies in Australia, and exhibited in Australia and internationally (including Indonesia, Japan, Poland). Examples of her works in 25 galleries and museums worldwide.


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