George Augustus Robinson (Biographical details)

George Augustus Robinson (official; British; Australian; Male; 1791 - 1866)

Also known as

Robinson, George Augustus


'Protector of Aboriginals', Tasmania and Victoria. Born 22 March 1791, probably in London. Arrived Hobart January 1824 established as a builder. Concerned about violence between settlers and the Indigenous population. Took a job teaching Christian principles and European farming practices to local communities on Bruny Island 30 March 1829. Most died of disease. Robinson carried out expeditions around Tasmania in early 1830s to study Tasmanian culture and persuade those people he encountered to accompany him to a settlement on Flinders Island. By 1834 most of the surviving Indigenous Tasmanians had been removed to off-shore islands. Continued his work at 'conciliation' in Victoria at the Port Phillip protectorate, 1839-1839. Left for London May 1852. Died 18 Oct 1866, Bath.


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