John P Rogers (Biographical details)

John P Rogers (Australian; Male; 1873 - 1941)

Also known as

Rogers, John Porter


Born Tallarook, Victoria, Australia, of Irish parentage. Prospected gold in Western Australia in 1890s. Worked on stations in Fitzroy River district. Began bird catching in 1905. Visited England in 1908 and continued bird catching in Wyndham District 1908-9. Worked for various Australian ornithologists. Collected Aboriginal artefacts for G H Mathews on Melville Island from August 1911 until September 1912.

Obituary in The Austral Avian Record describes him as the 'the finest collector of birds that Australia has produced to date...his powers of observation were of the keenest and his dogged determination enabled him to overcome obstacles that would have stayed a less able man. For example, when he left Melville Island he rowed down the coast in a whale boat to Wyndham, in North-west Australia.'


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