Mrs Eleanor Hopkinson (Biographical details)

Mrs Eleanor Hopkinson (British; Female; 1905 - 2007)

Also known as

Hopkinson, Eleanor; Hopkinson, A J


Eleanor Hopkinson was born on December 24, 1905 and died on March 16, 2007. For her obituary see the The Times (3 May 2007). Married to Arthur J Hopkinson (q. v), the last British Political Officer in Sikkim, whose photographic archive she gave to the British Museum in the early 1990s (other parts of his archive are held at the BL and the Centre of South Asian Studies in Cambridge [colour film from the late 1940s]). The British Museum Hopkinson Archive dates mostly to the period when Arthur Hopkinson was stationed at Gyantse in southern Tibet in the late 1920s. Later images, however, date to the period he was British Resident in Sikkim, prior to the British departure from India in 1947. He died soon after returning to the UK. Eleanor Hopkinson latterly lived in Valley Road, in Welwyn Garden City.