Valentinian II (Biographical details)

Valentinian II (ruler; royal/imperial; Roman; Male; 371 - 392)

Also known as

Valentinian II; Flavius Valentinianus


Emperor in the West 375-392.
Flavius Valentinianus was the son of Valentinian I (q.v.)and Justina, born in 371. His brother Gratian (q.v.)made him emperor at the age of four, in 375; after Magnus Maximus' (q.v.) revolt and Gratian's death, he was left only with possession of Italy.
When Magnus Maximus invaded Italy in 387, Valentinian II fled to Theodosius (q.v.) in the East. The two legitimate emperors marched against Magnus Maximus the next year, and defeated him. In 392 Valentinian II was strangled by his army commander Arbogast.