Dominique Collon (Biographical details)

Dominique Collon (curator; archaeologist; British; Female; 1940)

Also known as

Collon, Dominique Petronella Margaret


Archaeologist; worked and travelled extensively in the Near East in Syria, Turkey and Iraq; specialised in the study of the iconography on ancient Mesopotamian and Anatolian cylinder-seals, Anatolia and Mesopotamia. Joined the Department of Western Asiatic Antiquities (later Ancient Near East, then Middle East) from 1964-68, again from 1977-88, and full-time from 1988. Dr Collon retired from the Museum in 2005. Her publications include three volumes of the catalogue of the Museum's seals (the fourth is in preparation), "First Impressions - Cylinder Seals in the Ancient Near East" (London 1987; new edition 2005), and "Ancient Near Eastern Art" (London 1995) based on the Museum's collections.