Lt Col. William Durrant (Biographical details)

Lt Col. William Durrant (collector; British; Male; late 18thC - c.1847)

Also known as

Durrant, William


Lowestoft, Suffolk 20 Wimpole Street, London


Member of a Suffolk gentry family; his collection of prints, especially of portraits, Hogarth and other British prints sold at Sotheby's, 6.v.1847 and six following days; the preface to the catalogue notes that the collection had been built up during the past thirty years; his prints by Faithorne and Hollar were bequeathed to "an old friend" and were sold at Sotheby's nine years later on (annotated copies of catalogues in P&D, SC.A.3.2).
More information on his collection is in the 1857 catalogue of the dealer A.E.Evans (Aa.5.3). The 'old friend' was Mr Francis Graves. Evans states: 'The Colonel's ambition was not the formation of the complete works of either master, his object was to collect together the most select examples, to which was added the desire of possessing the finest state, both as regards beauty of impression and perfect state of preservation.' Much was bought by the BM (see 1847,0508.1 to 19) and the Royal Collection.