Benjamin Warwick (Biographical details)

Benjamin Warwick (British; Male; 1807 - 1850; fl. c.)

Also known as

Warwick, Benjamin


No.145, opposite Catherine Street, Strand, London (1807-1840) No.124, Regent Street (1830-1850)


Two trade cards in Heal Collection. Heal,59.177 advertises "Benjn. Warwick, Engraver to the Royal Family...Copper Plate Engraving & Printing. A Variety of Gold Seals & Chains." Heal's annotations on mount: "Fincham gives B & J Warwick at two addresses: - (1) 145 Strand 1807-1840 (2) 124 Regent Street 1830-1850 & gives records of about 250 Bookplates engraved by them. Fincham p.xvi says he understands that all the plates bearing signature of Warwick were executed by a family of engravers named Baker. A trade-card in Ponsomby collection gives J. Warwick, 145 Strand." Heal,59.176 advertises "Warwick. Seal & Copper Plate Engraver To the Royal Family. 124, Regent Street, from 145, Strand. Seals & Jewellery of superior Manufacture."