Walker & Boutall (Biographical details)

Walker & Boutall (publisher/printer; printmaker; British; 1886 - 1899; fl c)

Also known as

Walker & Boutall; Walker & Cockerell; Emery Walker Limited (fl.)


Fleet Street (as Walker & Boutall) 16 Clifford's Inn (office) Hammersmith (studio, in 1922)


Firm of 'process and general engravers, draughtsmen, map-constructors, and photographers of works of art' (ODNB) known first as Walker and Boutall, later as Walker and Cockerell, and finally as Emery Walker, Ltd.; the firm was co-founded in 1886 by Emery Walker (q.v.) and Walter Boutall; succeeded by new partnership Walker & Cockerell, and later Emery Walker Limited.


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