Sigmund Abeles (Biographical details)

Sigmund Abeles (sculptor/medallist; printmaker; painter/draughtsman; American (USA); Male; 1934)

Also known as

Abeles, Sigmund


Painter, draughtsman, sculptor and printmaker; born in New York but moved to South Carolina at an early age and studied at the University of South Carolina and Columbia University; scholarship to learn printmaking under Edmund Cassarella and Jack Bilander at the Brooklyn Museum School 1956-57; travelled extensively in Europe after serving as an artist-illustrator with the US Army in Germany 1958-60; several solo exhibitions; worked in New York in a realist style; also represented at the V&A


Sidney Hurwitz, 'The Etchings of Sigmund Abeles', American Artist vol. 28, no.7, issue 277, Sept 1964; where quoted as saying "The evils of inhumanity, poverty, suffering, or war, were never averted by the efforts of one or even many of the artists whose work dealt with these themes. Although I am not pompous or optimistic, or naive enough to hope that my work will prove an exception, my obsession with these questions is too great to allow me the luxury of being a completely private man".