H G Quaritch Wales (Biographical details)

H G Quaritch Wales (archaeologist; academic/intellectual; British; Male; 1900 - 1981)

Also known as

Quaritch Wales, Horace Geoffrey


Educated at Charterhouse and Queen's College, Cambridge, Quaritch Wales moved to Siam in 1924 and served as an adviser to the courts of King Rama VI and King Rama VII until 1928. His experiences provided the basis for this PhD thesis submitted to the School of Oriental and African Studies and published in 1931 as Siamese State Ceremonies. In 1934 he published Siamese Government and Administration. From 1934-8 he undertook archaeological work on early Buddhist sites in Thailand and Malaya as field-director of the Greater India Research Committee. These activities contributed to his 1951 publication, The Making of Greater India, as well as to a number of scholarly articles and talks. Later Quaritch Wales wrote two books focusing on southeast Asian cosmology, The Mountain of God (1953) and The Universe Around Them (1977). In 1981, he published Divination in Thailand, a study of Thai divination manuals. Quaritch Wales was the grandson of Bernard Quaritch, the founder of a prominent antiquarian bookseller, and served as chairman of the bookseller from 1950 to 1971.

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